Barbara Arum

Sculpture, Medals, Furniture

Sculptor, Medallist, & Furniture Maker


1995                  In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors of the 90’s, Snug Harbor Cultural
                                   Cente r

1994                  The Guild  9

4/16/90          Artspeak,  Martin Parsons,  Westbeth Gallery , New York, NY
                                  Am. Society of ContemporaryArtists, ........draw their exuberance directly
                                  from nature, while the human body is the source that Barbara Arum
                                  abstracts from in her sensual zebra wood sculpture of a simplified female
                                 torso, with the wood's distinctive grain running down it like  streaks of rain.
12/29/87      “What’s Going On”, Betty Osmun  (30 minutes) Channel 16, New York, NY

9/27/87         New York Times:  William Zimmer,  'Lively  Crossovers'  Hastings-on-Hudson
                                   Gallery , Hastings, NY
                                   Barbara Arum makes columnar geometric work that has a seriousness
                                   reminiscent of the Constructivists and John Storrs in particular. This
                                    work is satisfying because we are familiar with its lineage; we know
                                   where it's coming from. 

10/83               Art World, Joseph Anthony McDonnell, Pindar Gallery, New York, NY
                                  Barbara Arum is the only sculptor among the five invited artists of the
                                  PINDAR INVITATIONAL 1983.  Her pristine welded steel sculptures
                                 possess a high degree of graphic quality with their strong vertical shapes
                                 and floating, often penetrated, circles.  Although these are sexual in
                                 denotation,, they certainly are not in visual connotation.  Instead one feels                                                                                       a  sense of spiritual  courage in these elegant  soaring works.  While the
                                 footholds for these creations can certainly be traced to the Personages
                                 and Sentrys of David Smith and the design elements to Art Deco,
                                 the works themselves strongly state that here is an artist well along
                                in developing her own personal viable language.

5/15/83          New York Times:  Helen A. Harrison,  'Show Encompasses the Possibilities..... '
                                   Because  sculpture is primarily an art of volume and voids, in which form, whether
                                   shallow or fully three-dimensional, occupies real space and interacts with it, it can
                                   claim a presence implicitly denied to canvas and paper.  The best works on view
                                   assert that presence, either gently or forcefully, with skill and imagination.
                                   Barbara Arum works in the well-established vocabulary of David Smith's later
                                   welded and brushed-metal constructions, but in spite of her obvious dependence
                                   on  precedents, her pieces are well balanced and harmonious.  Both "Universality"
                                   and "Beginnings"  with their contrasting flat planes and curves, work well within the
                                   context of an established esthetic, even if they break no new ground.

11/12/82       Reporters Dispatch

8/16/81          New York Times

4/29/81          Kathy Westlake (15 minutes) WVOX, New Rochelle, NY

9/16/79          New York Times