Barbara Arum

Sculpture, Medals, Furniture

Sculptor, Medallist, & Furniture Maker


Barbara Arum is a renowned sculptor working in various materials:  wood, bronze and steel.

While traveling in France and Italy in her twenties, Arum was attracted to classical
sculpture.  Early in her career she explore her appreciation of the human body with the
natural beauty of wood.  As Arum's interests widened, she explored combinations of
opposing geometrical forms. Both her sculpture and furniture, in steel, wood, found objects,
stained glass and stone, reflect this attraction to architectural tension and play.  Recent
pieces enable viewers to interact physically with the work, opening doors to find a
mysterious quality of discovery.

Hallmarks of Arum's work are sensitivity to nature, concern for the environment, and
respect for all living things.  Her indoor and outdoor sculptures communicate feelings of
warmth, strength and joy.  The work provide viewers with the opportunity to see various
expressions of Arum's most strongly held belief - the need for a peaceful, harmonious world
guided by fairness toward all.

Arum has received many awards and has shown nationally and internationally for over 40
years.   Both individuals and corporations have commissioned her sculpture.

In the 1990's, Arum moved her home and studio from  Chelsea in NYC to Accord, NY.